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Our Agents will work to secure the right size aircraft for your mission.


With a conservative use of fuel, the trubo-prop is the most cost-efficient aircraft for short-service flights. Ideal for short to mid-range flights.

Capacity: 6-8 passengers

Average Cruise: 280-315 mph

Average Range: 1,000 miles

Very Light Jet

A sleek entrance into the jet class, the VLJ offers a high speed alternative for short flights using pressurized cabins and flying at higher altitudes than turbo-props.

Capacity: 4-5 passengers

Average Cruise: up to 400 mph

Average Range: 1,000 miles

Light Jet

Light jets feature pressurized cabins and can fly at higher altitudes than their turbo-prop counterparts. A smooth ride, with the luxury of a quiet engine. Most economical choice for mid-range trips.

Capacity: 5-8 passengers

Average Cruise: up to 400-560 mph

Average Range: 1,500 miles

Mid-Size Jet

A masterful aircraft for executive travel, specifically for longer-range flights. Be productive with work space, and added comfort of living room style rest areas.

Capacity: 8-10 passengers

Average Cruise: up to 490-590 mph

Average Range: 2,100-3,600 miles

Large Jet

With impressive cruising speed and cabin space, heavy jets embody optimum performance. The largest size aircraft that doesn't require a major airport runway, while still covering long distances.

Capacity:9-23 passengers

Average Cruise:500-560 mph

Average Range: 4,000 miles


More commonly know as a commercial airliner. The jumbo jet can fly the globe delivering any entourage to any destination. Whether it's a sports team or a rock tour, this member of the fleet can be configured for executive, coach or even private travel with bedrooms and other amenities you can think of.